2015-12-01 03:10 pm


The marriage wasn't your topical wedding.
But we were all on the phone. Well, my friend Darlene was there on the phone, and mom and dad.
We said our vowes on the phone.
I know we haven't met yet. But we did it anyways.
It was nice.
Now all we have to do is meet...
Well hopefully in February that will be happening.
I wanted to talk about this.
Sometimes when someone is uneducated about something, they don't clearly understand that someone is capable or doing things.
For instace, blind people. We are thought of as can't do much for ourselves.
And that's not true.
Some in the blind community look down on other blind people for what they can't do...
Well, I'm self sufficient.
I do my own laundry.
I even graduated from an Independent living class at the lighthouse.
The only thing I would need to know in an unfamiliar area is how to get around.
And then when I am shown, then I know how to do things and get around.
Many people are not aware of what blind people can do.
I think that has to go with everyone though. We are all uneducated in some way or another.
And we need to be shown the many things to be done.
Well, this is all fo r now.